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National Association of Spanish Specialists in Bovine Medicine (ANEMBE)
17 April 2020
Dear Delegates:

Attendees, Speakers, Researchers, Sponsors, Service Providers and all the people involved in the organization of the WBC Madrid 2020.

Since the COVID-19 healthcare crisis began, we have intended to act with prudence, mettle, evaluating all circumstances and making decisions with composure and serenity.

A month ago you were informed about the intention to continue working towards the holding of the congress on the scheduled dates. At that time, it was difficult to imagine the dimension that the pandemic would reach at both national and international levels.

The many uncertainties still existing in the control of the outbreak as well as in global mobility restrictions have forced us to postpone the congress.

With the consent of the WAB officials, the Organizing Committee of the WBC has decided to postpone the Madrid 2020 Congress to the following dates: September 26th to 30th, 2021.

We are aware that this postponement might be a disruption for everyone and I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I appreciate the effort of all the authors who submitted their abstracts on time as well as the work done by the Scientific Committee that was currently reviewing the papers sent. In this regard, it is reported that a new deadline for abstract submission will be opened, where the authors, if they wish, may extend or leave them as they are. New abstracts may also be submitted, which will be reviewed according to the new deadlines.

This time delay will provide us with the necessary health guarantees so that neither the assistance nor the meeting capacity are diminished.

We look forward to the successful holding of this exceptional scientific congress, with the presence of everyone and no absence due to the pandemic, also with social activities carried out without hindrance that will remain in our memories and in our hearts.

Thus, after the long hiatus, Madrid, the beautiful capital of Spain, will show itself in its best light and its best climate on September 2021, and will once again be the vital and friendly city of everyone.

All the best to all of you.
Warm regards,

Joaquín Ranz Vallejo
President of the WBC-Madrid 2020 Congress
Maria Cubi, 4 - Pral. | 08006 Barcelona (SPAIN)
Tel. +34 932.388.777 | Fax. +34 932.387.488
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